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known as the girl with an obsession for lea michele | currently living in germany even though my biggest dream is to live in canada or the us | 17


✯ Are You Satisfied? ✯

I hate my life, I’m such a failure.

My most favourite moment with my friend will always be the day she came to me on the 13th of July this year, hugged me hard and told me she would be there for me.

It’s nearly the start of school and I’ve been sick the whole summervacations. And I won’t get any better.

What I hate the most is that I think I’m weak because I never did get through with it. I never actually tried it even though I wanted to so so badly, because all I wanted was to go, to be gone forever and I feel so weak because I never actually did.

When you think about it too much, if you try to change things even though you know you can’t.
I sometimes just wish I could get out of my head. Especially in times like this when all I can think about is what she had to go through and how sorry I am that she haven’t had the chance of getting saved from us.